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Gapn Retail jewelry Soft is built especially for the jewelry enterprise that combines retail, wholesale and distribution. It is a powerful and affordable management system that automates the entire retail and distribution transaction lifecycle in a seamless environment. Jewelry E-catalog software improves your sales experiences and you can book orders without inventory.

Whatever your jewelry business – retail, wholesale, or distribution – use the integrated capabilities of Gapn Retail jewelry Software to automate purchase, sales, orders, inventory, barcoding, distribution, job work, and POS. Make smarter buying decisions and improve merchandise management for all locations throughout your single or multi-store enterprise.

Gapn Retail jewelry Software draws on the experience of its developers in the jewelry domain and the practical knowledge of jewelry retailers. Its Java platform is designed to minimize technical constraints and provide stability in any operating environment.

With Gapn Jewellery Software, you won’t need separate systems for managing POS and distribution, which gives you direct savings on time and money and eliminates the difficulties associated with managing multiple systems for one business.

Manage companies, employees, categories, items, vendors, and customers. Manage inventory with opening stock, purchase and inward. Manage POS, consignment, and memo sales, or job work, repairs, and much more.

Gapn Jewellery software combines a user-friendly interface with secure and streamlined information management. A robust reporting module generates a wide variety of reports that can give you an informed insight into your business, helping you to monitor, plan and optimize resources so your enterprise can remain focused on core business issues. A powerful lookup function helps to locate information stored anywhere in the system quickly and easily. The system also includes a set of helpful utilities that provide flexible options in setting up the system for daily use.

Gapn Jewelry Software in particular and unlike any other form of retailing. As a company with a prosperous experience of the jewelry trade and a proven track record in providing business solutions for this segment, we are aware of the requirements and ins and outs of every aspect of the jewelry trade. That’s why we have developed a resolution that is targeted at jewelry retailing.

“Gapn Retail jewelry Software” is one answer that combines Inventory, Counter Management POS, Distribution, & Accounts. It is brought to you to manage your entire business operations.

Flexibility -Manage a single-store business or a multi-store chain with the same effort.

Simplicity -It’s so effortless that you can get started just a few hours after it’s installed. It’s so easy that you don’t need skilled knowledge to use it

Scalability – “Retail” is built to hold your growing requirements as you expand from a single-store operation to multiple locations and stores.

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Leverage your core competency -While you focus on your core activity, sales, you have the freedom to simultaneously manage other activities too. Either store or location can operate independently. You can gather data from all locations, collate it at the head office, and get consolidate reports that provide critical information about all aspects and intelligent decisions of your business throughout your organization.

“Gapn Retail Jewellery Software” is conceptualized and developed by experts so that you can make the best use of technology in a great productivity tool. A user-friendly Graphical User Interface for simple and speedy data entry, comprehensive item management with a sophisticated Bill of Material system, easy inventory management, a wide range of reports and analytical data, over-the-counter plus consignment and memo sales, and payables and receivables.


Topmost Features of Gapn Jewelry ERP Software (Jewelry Point of Sale):

1.     Purchase of goods (Raw Material & finished goods).

2.     Memo purchase

3.     Purchase invoice

4.     Memo purchase invoice

5.     Sales

6.     Sales invoice

7.     Memo Sales

8.     Memo sales invoicing

9.     Internal location transfers

10.   Design masters with the bill of material.

11.   Design pricing.

12.   Tag printing

13.   Formula based markup system.

14.   Formula based taxation system.

15.   User control invoice posting in accounts.


Additional modules which can be integrated:

1.     Business Intelligent

2.     Job work module.

3.     Online owner business control module.

4.     CRM.


Details of the module and their functionality:

Master Modules

The functioning of Gapn Retail Jewelry Software depends on a large set of data that remains static for a long period of time. This data is referred to as Master data.

The Master’s module provides you with the ability to establish standard data to represent information that is used by other modules of Retail Jewellers. It is a method of control to ensure that data entered into the system is correct. At the same time, it eliminates the need to repeatedly enter standard data in various forms in the modules. In most cases, this information is specified only once.

Vendor Master

Vendor master is used to defining Vendor transactions. A vendor may be a Supplier, Consignment (Agent), or Job Worker/ Karigar.

If a vendor is a supplier, then vendor details and account groups can be specified. Under account group, Group Name, Account Code, Opening Balance, and Closing Balance can be specified.

If a vendor type is Consignment then vendor details, Consignment Agreement, and Account Group can be specified.

Customer Master:

A “Customer” is a person who buys goods from your retail outlet. This could be a walk-in customer, a regular customer or one who buys goods in bulk. Customer Master helps to specify details about such customers. In addition to personal and contact details of a customer, you can also specify details about discounts given, and taxes applicable to the customer.

Purchase Master:

Opening Stock is the value and quantity of stock in the inventory, at the beginning of the accounting year. Conversely, Closing Stock is the quantity and value of stock left in the inventory at the end of the accounting year. Closing stock at the end of the year is the opening stock for the following year. Closing stock is usually determined by stocktaking. The stocktaking may be done at the end of the year, or else half-yearly, quarterly, or monthly.

Opening Stock allows Quantity on hand (QOH), Consignment, Memo & Sold stock.

If Agent, Party or Customer transactions are made in foreign currency, then the currency can be specified along with its exchange rate.

Sales master:

In some instances, goods desired by a customer may be out of stock. At times, a customer may wish to order an item that is not included in the company’s catalog. In such instances, a direct sales order is booked for the customer.

Sales Order Booking contains information about the order, the customer, and the payment.

Account Master:

It includes JV, Balance sheet, Trial balance master and others

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