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Jewellery shop billing software

The Jewellery Shop Billing Software, which will give you intelligence report that it makes your smart decisions and you make more profit.

Here at Gapnet we provide software for retailers and wholesalers where you can manage inventory, do billing, and more with an interesting form of a graphical report. So you don’t need to invest time to create reports you can make smart decisions on software and you can make more profit from software.

Software a unique feature to create invoices from existing customers or for new customers. if it is an existing customer. Just one click and you can make an invoice with customers data like address, taxes, contact details everything will be automatically added.

If the invoice is for a new customer, You just type of the customer name and anything you want to add details you can add always address or tax details. Or else taxes will be automatically detect depending on the state in which you are creating the voice of the customers.

This jewellery shop billing software is integrated with me RFID Or barcode scanning facility. So you don’t need to add jewelry piece into an invoice, just have to scan the barcode on jewelry piece and it will automatically add this jewellery pieces to your invoice. You can have multiple invoices or multiple pieces into a single invoice at the same time. also you can have multiple series of person logins so simultaneously many salespeople can create sales invoices.

RFID integration with jewellery shop billing software is already there. Where you just have to get multiple pieces at one time. Its software automatically add that multiple pieces into an invoice in just one scan.

it is a fully responsive software that can be used for any device or anywhere also this software can be used for exhibition, for your shows. So you can make the invoices. Also you don’t need to synchronize with any databases as it is live sync with every database of the software.

The smart feature of the software Jewellery Shop Billing Software

Inventory upload: inventory can be added in bulk or single pieces. you can just add your data local Excel or Google sheet and can directly into that sheet into software and all the inventory will upload in just one second.

Barcoding Facility: Software has an inbuilt barcode facility. You can configure the barcode whatever you want and when you upload the inventory. it will automatically create a bar code of particular jewelry or always you can do a manual barcode from the system. it’s up to you.

Jewellery billing: whenever you are doing billing for the customer you just have to select the existing customers and just scan the barcode. So the software will automatically add to the invoice and it automatically calculates the tax amount and shows the step to input the amount weather is cash, credit card, Internet banking Or another payment mode. Just click the print invoice. The system will automatically create the invoice and also it have the facility to send on their mobile or email. the new customer then will give yourself and put the customer data and you can create the invoice but it is as simple as sending an email.

Memo sale: this Jewellery Shop Billing Software will give you freedom where you can create your memo and after all you can convert that memo into a sales invoice also you can do memo returns from customer and ultimately inventory will be added in your shop.

Inventory management: it is the unique feature of inventory management where you can get 1 click report of your all items. This also gives you category wise report, pieces wise report.

Business intelligence reports: this is the unique reporting facility that is in built-in software. It will give you a decision making smart and very quickly. This smart feature will give you a report in a graphical way and get the daily sales of fast-moving items, inventory item and stock reports. Also, this has so many interesting reports and report maker tool where can create the report whatever you want and you can configure the report at the end of the day or end of the week will get this report in your email or which you can check-in software.