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E catalogue system

E catalogue System

E catalogue System is a basically digital catalogue system. it is also a software where you can do your product in digital form and showcase your brand to your customers. A E catalogue is a form of inventory or order tool where product can store in multiple way with all the attributes and different images and 360 degree videos.

E catalogue system is a very unique and different to present your product to customers. In E catalogue you can change the product type. You can change the product quality and even change the product karat and you can customize the way you want. E catalogue system is basically software that provide directions between you and your customers. It provide the product variations and its prices on the screen on just one click away. its shows the impressive way of product with product 360 degree video. 


E-Catalogue nowadays becomes very popular since it is global pandemic is going on so people don’t want to travel to stores and supermarkets. E catalogue is the only media where you can store your product and customer can see your product from their locations from anywhere and any device and they can book the order and ultimately you can sell and ship the goods. 


E Catalogue system run for every type of product. but for the luxurious product also it play most important role . Because people generally prefer to see before buy. So from catalogue, Once they feel it is good they can book the order so you are your people can goes to customer location and show the product and finally sale to them or always you can take the order from catalogue and sale to them.

Generally jewellery industries and luxury items people do not watch to buy online but with this e-catalog concept you can show your designs and your variations to your customers. 


Nowadays heavy jewellery and luxurious diamond and jewellery are going to sale on internet via auction. it can be done from the catalogue only where so many people are see the same product from different different location and they are biding on that particular product. So all can see the product with all the variation that is basically digital catalogue. Same way if we want to sell our jewellery to customers then we can showcase our all jewellery in digital form to customers and they can see and they can configure the way they want and they can book the order finally. 


Now people are not travel much and this is the new normal of this world. so every jewellers and every businesses required this e catalogue type of system where they can interact with customers and they can sell their goods.


The main advantage of this catalogue is it can be accessible from any device and from anywhere. Also it is very light software comparatively e-commerce. E-Commerce is a huge database while this e-catalog system is very light system. So it can be open in slow internet or in mobile phone very quickly. So customer interest continuous there and they can focus on your product not on internet, speed and other issues.


This is the advantage where you can get the order very quickly comparatively e-commerce. 


Also the one of the most advantage of e catalogue system is people are confident about the product but still little bit confusion are there so they have secure their payment. because they are not paying online. When they booked the order and they see the real goods on their location. After only they are paying to you. Ultimately you can win their confidence and getting the payment on time.


E-Commerce is the next time but initially we have to start with e catalogue system to interact with people and to sale your goods quickly. 


This is the new world and people also looking for this type of solution. So it should be there in your business. It is like something where some car company are giving sunroof and other competitor of that company also provide that type of features in car or else customer will not buy that competitors product. So in this new world it is very difficult to survive. You should also required this type of platform where goods sell transactions become very easier. Just Click on demo now and go in details.