Cloud Based Jewellery Software Catalogue | Special For COVID-19 & Post

Cloud-based jewellery software catalogue

Coronavirus or COVID-19 has changed doing the way of business. After this panoramic has gone we have to survive. So jewellers have to choose some solution where they can sell their jewellery without inventory. This Cloud based jewellery software catalogue help to continue their business.

Jewellers required digital cataloguing system were to take care showcase their jewellery and customise according to the customer need and booked order on that. After booking order we can make the jewellery from the karigar and deliver to the customer.

This COVID-19 pandemic has changed completely business operation. People will not come to buy jewellery on the showroom and you cannot go to the customer home and sale the jewellery. As it is a luxurious item. In between, we have to find some solution where customer can interact with jewellers and jewellers also sell to the customer without having more investment.

The solution is a digital catalogue …!

The digital catalogue is the cloud based jewellery software catalogue. This e-catalogue can be open from any device and from anywhere. customer can choose the jewellery whatever they want. They can play with jewellery. They can customise the jewellery karat from 14kt to 18kt or 18kt to 22kt.

Jewellery catalogue gives freedom to the customer. So they can choose jewellery the way they want. Customer care customizes the Diamond quality and diamond colour according to their budget. In the price of the final Jewellery will be changed at the time on the screen so they can make the decision immediately.

This is the best solutions where jewellers can showcase their brand. As well as privacy also maintained. Because jewellers can assign the designs to customers whatever they want. So no need to give all the designs to the customer. Just give the limited designs access, so they can explore the designs related to their interest and make the decisions quickly.

It is more beneficial for the customer as well as jewellers. Because customers don’t want to come to showrooms and as jewellers don’t want to lose their business. So jewellery catalogue is the platform where jewellers and customers can meet at the same place and both can decide and do business.

Jewellery catalogue can be used for any business operations.

Whether you are a retailer or a wholesaler or manufacturer. it doesn’t matter you can use to e-catalogue and you can solve your purpose. if you are a wholesaler you can set your designs to particular retailers and retailer can see that only designs and they can book the order from their locations. As well as if you are a retailer, you can same assign the designs to your retail customers and retail customers can see the designs from their home or offices or wherever they are and they can book the order from the catalogue.

If you are manufacturers you can share a design with directly wholesaler or direct retailers from the e-catalogue and book the order.

It is the advanced tool where customer can book the order and immediately you will get notified by email that this is the particular order details and customer has given you the order and meanwhile customer also get the order information on their register email ID. So customers and jewellers both are on the same platform.

This platform can be used as your online showroom.

You can give your designs to your salespersons and they can directly go to customers and they can showcase to customers and book order. You can differentiate the designs according to the salespersons. So different regions of sales persons can only see their designs only. Like South, persons can see only South designs and North persons can see only North designs. after some time you can exchange the designs. All the time sales person get new designs and you continuously get the order from the salespersons.

Now all the jewellers are improving their business from e-catalogue.

According to the Gartner research, every business has improve and optimise their inventory. Because the businesses are either on hold or in the stage of the shutdown. So to prevent this type of situations you have to optimise your inventory. You have to do analytics of your previous data and your customer’s sales data. which product most you sold you have to focus on that product only and you have to improve the digital inventory instant of your real inventory.

Gartner research says, now it’s the right time to start a business on the online method. You can start with e-commerce or you can start with your digital catalogue business where you can showcase your product and you can book the order on that.

Advance received the order from the customer then only you have to deliver the goods so you don’t need to carry a huge inventory in your Store.

Take this opportunity and upgrade your business to survive in the new way of working. Come to digitally more and go more inventory less.

This digital catalogue opens a new business from all around the globe for you. Even it can work for you 24/7. While you open your Store 8 to 12 hours per day.

These upgradations take hardly one or two days. our experts will give you the readymade platform where you can change your logo. Also, our team will guide you to change the theme and the logo and you can upload your inventory with 360-degree videos and you can go live.

That’s it!

You can subscribe to this cloud based jewellery software catalogue on a monthly basis. Or you can buy the full versions.

For more details consult to our experts and be one step ahead from your competitors.