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Pandora Jewelry Ring Charms Bracelet

Pandora jewelry Charm, Ring, Bracelet

Pandora jewelry

Pandora jewelry is international manufacturers and retail danish brand. it is founded in in 1982.

Pandora has started company from family jewelry stores and later on the added manufacturing unit. Now it’s worldwide brand in jewelry market and it’s provide $50 to luxurious jewelry as much as you want.

Pandora jewelry collection has amazing collections of handmade and machine made jewelry.

Pandora has set up shop in shop and shops at airports. Pandora has big challenge about its price. when people are coming to your airport. that they just have 20 to 25 minutes. So it’s very hard to sell luxurious jewelry to them in limited time.

Then Pandora has come up with the concept of lightweight and fashionable jewelry. Which is starting range is just 50 dollar. So people can make decision immediately and Pandora can sell to them. After that, ultimate it builds the peoples trust and Pandora has become big brand in worldwide.

Now Pandora has completed 38 years successfully and maintaining it’s brand value.

Pandora company has became in Europe and then first started its names in North America in 2002. Later on the started franchise model in Australia in 2009 and now it’s serving their product 100 + countries and six continental. They have approximately 7800 Point Of Sale in entire world.

Pandora has started online selling in 2011 and started the E-Commerce operations in Europe and Australia and later on the Chinese company and started the online selling in wast area.

Pandora has super collection of its wide range of Pandora rings, Pandora charms, Pandora bracelet, Pendulum necklace, Pandora charm bracelet and Pandora earrings jewelry and Now Pandora has started watch.



Pandora rings: Pandora rings are famous for their stunning look. Rings started from $40 to your required budget. Starting range is of rose gold, yellow gold and white gold with Cubic Zirconia. Pandora rings 14 karat gold ring. Rings are also available in beautiful designs with Cubic Zirconia in silver metal.



Pandora charms: Pandora handcrafted charm is like a chapter in your own hand-written book. Wide range of Pandora charm bracelets are Available in a variety of metals, including sterling silver, Pandora Rose, and Pandora Shine, shop charms, spacers, safety chains, and clips to continue adding to your story.

Pandora earrings: PANDORA’s earrings wide range of designs are hand-finished with cool sterling silver, elegant 18 karat gold-plated, unique metal blend and14 karat gold and the innovative blush pink PANDORA Rose metal blend.

Pandora has an amazing brand and it can be wear on Daily wear, wedding and your special occasions or functions.

It was a big challenge to create brand like Pandora. Pandora believe that every customer are the promoter of their brand. the every handcrafted jewelry sells to customers in affordable range. so customer will do advertisement of their jewellery and the customer will also come second time for direct purchase. As it is available in lower price segment with good design and handicraft quality.

The brand vision is to make personalized Jewelry experience and now it is expended to 10,000 Plus stores worldwide.

Majorly Pandora jewelry brand are in retail and manufacturing sector. but later on they coming to wholesaler sector in the started operation and in shop in shop structure. it is limited area but now the model is successful and they has successfully came in the wholesale sector as well.

Winning marketing strategies of Pandora is to share on internet, social media and all the other print media in the market. Pandora shows the customers stories. So others can realise and relevant with same experience and they buy a new collections from Pandora.

Pandora says every woman is potential of Pandora jewelry, but majorly 25-49 ages are the main focus customers. They believe every customers return again to buy something new. Also younger are main customers.

Pandora says, peoples feel pride to buy Pandora jewelry, because what they get in the price with their choice is most important. It all create the brand big and it create the values in the market.

Pandora is the leader in the jewellery industry and it created its value. They still improving their businesses to serving best qualities to their customers.

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