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Pandora Jewelry Ring Charms Bracelet

Pandora jewelry Charm, Ring, Bracelet

Pandora jewelry

Pandora jewelry is international manufacturers and retail danish brand. it is founded in in 1982.

Pandora has started company from family jewelry stores and later on the added manufacturing unit. Now it’s worldwide brand in jewelry market and it’s provide $50 to luxurious jewelry as much as you want.

Pandora jewelry collection has amazing collections of handmade and machine made jewelry.

Pandora has set up shop in shop and shops at airports. Pandora has big challenge about its price. when people are coming to your airport. that they just have 20 to 25 minutes. So it’s very hard to sell luxurious jewelry to them in limited time.

Then Pandora has come up with the concept of lightweight and fashionable jewelry. Which is starting range is just 50 dollar. So people can make decision immediately and Pandora can sell to them. After that, ultimate it builds the peoples trust and Pandora has become big brand in worldwide.

Now Pandora has completed 38 years successfully and maintaining it’s brand value.

Pandora company has became in Europe and then first started its names in North America in 2002. Later on the started franchise model in Australia in 2009 and now it’s serving their product 100 + countries and six continental. They have approximately 7800 Point Of Sale in entire world.

Pandora has started online selling in 2011 and started the E-Commerce operations in Europe and Australia and later on the Chinese company and started the online selling in wast area.

Pandora has super collection of its wide range of Pandora rings, Pandora charms, Pandora bracelet, Pendulum necklace, Pandora charm bracelet and Pandora earrings jewelry and Now Pandora has started watch.



Pandora rings: Pandora rings are famous for their stunning look. Rings started from $40 to your required budget. Starting range is of rose gold, yellow gold and white gold with Cubic Zirconia. Pandora rings 14 karat gold ring. Rings are also available in beautiful designs with Cubic Zirconia in silver metal.



Pandora charms: Pandora handcrafted charm is like a chapter in your own hand-written book. Wide range of Pandora charm bracelets are Available in a variety of metals, including sterling silver, Pandora Rose, and Pandora Shine, shop charms, spacers, safety chains, and clips to continue adding to your story.

Pandora earrings: PANDORA’s earrings wide range of designs are hand-finished with cool sterling silver, elegant 18 karat gold-plated, unique metal blend and14 karat gold and the innovative blush pink PANDORA Rose metal blend.

Pandora has an amazing brand and it can be wear on Daily wear, wedding and your special occasions or functions.

It was a big challenge to create brand like Pandora. Pandora believe that every customer are the promoter of their brand. the every handcrafted jewelry sells to customers in affordable range. so customer will do advertisement of their jewellery and the customer will also come second time for direct purchase. As it is available in lower price segment with good design and handicraft quality.

The brand vision is to make personalized Jewelry experience and now it is expended to 10,000 Plus stores worldwide.

Majorly Pandora jewelry brand are in retail and manufacturing sector. but later on they coming to wholesaler sector in the started operation and in shop in shop structure. it is limited area but now the model is successful and they has successfully came in the wholesale sector as well.

Winning marketing strategies of Pandora is to share on internet, social media and all the other print media in the market. Pandora shows the customers stories. So others can realise and relevant with same experience and they buy a new collections from Pandora.

Pandora says every woman is potential of Pandora jewelry, but majorly 25-49 ages are the main focus customers. They believe every customers return again to buy something new. Also younger are main customers.

Pandora says, peoples feel pride to buy Pandora jewelry, because what they get in the price with their choice is most important. It all create the brand big and it create the values in the market.

Pandora is the leader in the jewellery industry and it created its value. They still improving their businesses to serving best qualities to their customers.

Website Design Company in Mumbai

Website design company in Mumbai

Website design company in Mumbai is Gapnet and they provide affordable website designing. Gapnet company is providing best in class web designing services in Mumbai. The main goal of Gapnet is to provide customer satisfaction with their design and within the budgets with timely delivery.

How website designing is work ?

We create a very simple concept to start that website designing services for our client. We guide our clients about the latest trends and responsive designs for all devices. We give design ideas and reference websites to client. After satisfied with the design we start designing and update to client time to time. And after finishing of design we upload it to the main server.

Website designing cost in Mumbai

Our main goal is to meet the client budget. But in some way that is designing cost starts based on needs of designs and functionality of websites. Our experience developer and technical teams design the websites in the latest technology with required functionality and the features. So that all matters to the cost of website ultimately.

Which service we provide ?

We are basically a software and Website design company in Mumbai. We have operations not even in India but out side of India as well. Our client are Blaced in UK and US and now we started to provide the services in India Mumbai. We work with best in class services. We think from the client side and provide them proper guidance. So they can reach their goal in limited budget.

Working with top most and well known client from so many years and providing them satisfied services. Our services improving client business everyday and so they are getting orders quickly from the customers.

Website designing is not only the solutions. We provide end to end support to customers. Where they can design the websites from our team and promote the websites from Marketing, Social Media Platforms and SEO services.

Which platform can be used for website designing ?

Generally we use PHP, Microsoft Net, Python for website designing. We use customers required technologies as well based on your requirement. if you want to design your website in some specific tool like WordPress, Magento, zoomla, shopify for your special required tool. We can work for you and match your requirement.

Which major platform used for eCommerce development?

E-Commerce is the vast area. This covid-19 come. So now every businesses are going digitally and they are opening their E-Commerce stores. So you require a strong eCommerce online presence. where you can showcase your unlimited of products. Also E commerce website should have full bandwidth and light design. So at the same time unlimited number of people can open the website from different locations and website should work very lightly. As the Internet speed in India is sometime lower.

Our 10+ years experience team of e commerce development guide you with the right platform and provide you the complete support package. So when you start your project. You can promote your product online without any issue.

Majorly in market e-commerce platform are used as WordPress and Magento. People are from all around the world using this platform because these platforms are ready and built for E-Commerce only so the basic functionalities are always there. We create step to make your requirement and features and functionality and in limited time you can start your e-commerce website.

There is a shopify and other platform are also available but it all depend on customer choice and how many product they want to start with.

What are the preparations required for website designing ?

You want to design a website. than you may require some of data which can be put on website and attract your customers. Here are few of them explained. So you can prepare according to your type of website and you can save your time and start smartly project.

You require a logo to showcase your brand and you require your company basic details with all the product and details. if you provide a service business then you must required details about your services and your working hours with area of your services. also you have to mention your contact details like address email or phone number to reach customers.

This few preparation made you attractive in front of your customer and you will get orders quickly.

So to start your website designing services for your E-Commerce designing services. You just contact us or you can call us on or provided number.

We will immediately contact you and start your project

Website Design Agencies in London

Website design agencies in London, Interactive Web Designers

We are leading website design agencies in london. We provide you beautiful and attractive designs to attract your customers. we provide Best in Class services for website design and development and content management systems.

Our goal is not to provide the limited services, But end to end services for your Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and full services of website design. Weather it’s simple attractive websites or E-Commerce website design.

Our 10+ years experience web developers work for your requirement and design project according to your need in your matched budget.

We help companies to market their product not only website but end-to-end services. Main goal is to provide satisfied services. So customer can get the benefits of their websites and promotion.

Website design agencies in London. How we work for you ?

We are London based web company help our customers from the scratch to full promotions.

Create a Prototype

Our experienced web designers teams gives you guidance and according to your brand and your product also gives you recommendations and some related website URL to get the idea. If you have some imagination, we can convert your imagination into reality. This is how we build prototype.

Convert to Design

The next step, We create and give you a prototype of your design. It is similar like the real one and after your approval, We move to the next step. Then we start development process and update you time to time to check the updates. Once everything is fine on testing link. Then start deployment process.

Deploy the Project

After completion of project and your approval. We start the deployment process. Deployment can be done on your hosting space or our cloud server. We also help you to buy hosting server. Finally we host your website data. 

Which technology used for website design?

We use all the technologies together you need. But generally in the market PHP, Microsoft .Net, Java, Python are the main technology to design the websites. We provide you an interactive and very simple admin panel where you can update your data in future.

If you want design in your choice readymade platform. We can design in your choice platform of WordPress, Magento, joomla, Shopify of the platform. Then also we have certified developers team to design your website in your choice platform.

How to support after development?

Once development project is done then and then only operations start with you. We support your people about your product in market digital. Our Digital Marketing experts help you to reach your product to new customers.

We use every media and marketing promotions advertisements to reach to customers. We guide you according to your product and your target audience area. Once you finalize the promotion and your budget. We start digital marketing and promotions.

So you can get the orders from your new and existing customers in few days.

Our customized approach and Unique support will reach your goal quickly and smartly.

We look at us is a very flexible website design agency.

Our Market survey team connected with latest technology and customer review. Which help us to provide the latest platform and the right strategy to promote the customer brand and product.

Our London based designers and worldwide developer team provide and develop fully integrated international standard websites and e-commerce solutions for you.

If you want to make successful of your project and want Great ROI from your investment. You just contact us and we will help to convert your imagination to reach your targeted Goals into realty.

E catalogue System

E catalogue system

E catalogue System

E catalogue System is a basically digital catalogue system. it is also a software where you can do your product in digital form and showcase your brand to your customers. A E catalogue is a form of inventory or order tool where product can store in multiple way with all the attributes and different images and 360 degree videos.

E catalogue system is a very unique and different to present your product to customers. In E catalogue you can change the product type. You can change the product quality and even change the product karat and you can customize the way you want. E catalogue system is basically software that provide directions between you and your customers. It provide the product variations and its prices on the screen on just one click away. its shows the impressive way of product with product 360 degree video. 


E-Catalogue nowadays becomes very popular since it is global pandemic is going on so people don’t want to travel to stores and supermarkets. E catalogue is the only media where you can store your product and customer can see your product from their locations from anywhere and any device and they can book the order and ultimately you can sell and ship the goods. 


E Catalogue system run for every type of product. but for the luxurious product also it play most important role . Because people generally prefer to see before buy. So from catalogue, Once they feel it is good they can book the order so you are your people can goes to customer location and show the product and finally sale to them or always you can take the order from catalogue and sale to them.

Generally jewellery industries and luxury items people do not watch to buy online but with this e-catalog concept you can show your designs and your variations to your customers. 


Nowadays heavy jewellery and luxurious diamond and jewellery are going to sale on internet via auction. it can be done from the catalogue only where so many people are see the same product from different different location and they are biding on that particular product. So all can see the product with all the variation that is basically digital catalogue. Same way if we want to sell our jewellery to customers then we can showcase our all jewellery in digital form to customers and they can see and they can configure the way they want and they can book the order finally. 


Now people are not travel much and this is the new normal of this world. so every jewellers and every businesses required this e catalogue type of system where they can interact with customers and they can sell their goods.


The main advantage of this catalogue is it can be accessible from any device and from anywhere. Also it is very light software comparatively e-commerce. E-Commerce is a huge database while this e-catalog system is very light system. So it can be open in slow internet or in mobile phone very quickly. So customer interest continuous there and they can focus on your product not on internet, speed and other issues.


This is the advantage where you can get the order very quickly comparatively e-commerce. 


Also the one of the most advantage of e catalogue system is people are confident about the product but still little bit confusion are there so they have secure their payment. because they are not paying online. When they booked the order and they see the real goods on their location. After only they are paying to you. Ultimately you can win their confidence and getting the payment on time.


E-Commerce is the next time but initially we have to start with e catalogue system to interact with people and to sale your goods quickly. 


This is the new world and people also looking for this type of solution. So it should be there in your business. It is like something where some car company are giving sunroof and other competitor of that company also provide that type of features in car or else customer will not buy that competitors product. So in this new world it is very difficult to survive. You should also required this type of platform where goods sell transactions become very easier. Just Click on demo now and go in details.

E Catalogue design software

E Catalogue design software

E catalogue is the best way to sell product digitally. We have unique E catalogue design software where you can design your e catalogue. Our software will give you a freedom of uploading the product very quickly from integrated Excel sheet. You can upload product from Google sheet, Microsoft Excel.

Bulk product image uploading facility are there. You can upload your product in bulk and you can have multiple view of single product. Even video can be uploaded of product. So customer get confidence to book the order of that particular product. 

This software will work on Android, iOS, windows, Linux, Ubuntu and other platform and it can be accessible from any browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera. This is the main advantage of this software that can be open from any device.

The software also give you the freedom to book the order and showcase your brands in any device and from anywhere. Create a catalogue in full responsive. So there is no device restrictions are there.

E catalogue design software provides you freedom. where you can design your catalogue the way you want. You can change the color. You can change the product view. You can change the product videos and even you can change the product visibility for different different customers. 

This unique feature provide this catalogue a very impressive way where people can see only their interested product on their catalogue and it ultimately save their times, that means you get the order from customer very quickly. 

We have demo facility where we provide a demo of this e catalogue design software. if you want to see a demo you just go to bottom of this page and click on demo now button and just feel your basic details and our team immediately contact you to showcase our product e catalogue demo and you can start this software in just 5 minutes. 

The software have amazing integration tool where it can be integrated with any of your social platform for your existing ERP softwares. So you don’t need to put the data again into this software. it will automatically fetch the data from your existing one and you can start E catalogue in minimal time.

Up-gradation and maintenance of this E-catalogue design software is also easy. You don’t need to worry about that if you subscribe this software all the upgrade and notifications will goes to you and once you feel this is a good feature for your design catalogue, you must upgrade free are you can always keep it it’s up to you.

This is software where you can design your e catalogue in just one click. Where you can import your product from your existing ERP systems and you can configure the product the way you want. Also the visibility you can set, you can configure like 14 karat, 18 karat of the jewelry.

The software give you and freedom where the product can be customized very easy. You can fully customize the product in a E catalogue. You can set relations and multiplications in product. In some product you just want to configure only gold jewellery Or in some product you want to configure Diamond a colour stone with jewellery that also it can be possible. 

This E catalogue can have multiple Diamond for single jewellery, multiple colour stone and multiple metals with configurable setting. 

E catalogue design software also provide the facility where you can upload your videos or you can design your 360 videos.

These all are unique feature make it very impressive e catalogue software where you can take your customers order and you can sell your goods very quickly.

Our Experience team will give you a full training of the software and will give you free support at least for 6 months so don’t need to worry about the training and supports scenario.

We work in all time zone to provide worldwide support and to provide its training to the customers. We have a different package where you can start and you once you feel confident about the software. Then you can upgrade at any time according to your product in according to your need. 

Cloud Based Jewellery Software Catalogue

Cloud-based jewellery software catalogue

Coronavirus or COVID-19 has changed doing the way of business. After this panoramic has gone we have to survive. So jewellers have to choose some solution where they can sell their jewellery without inventory. This Cloud based jewellery software catalogue help to continue their business.

Jewellers required digital cataloguing system were to take care showcase their jewellery and customise according to the customer need and booked order on that. After booking order we can make the jewellery from the karigar and deliver to the customer.

This COVID-19 pandemic has changed completely business operation. People will not come to buy jewellery on the showroom and you cannot go to the customer home and sale the jewellery. As it is a luxurious item. In between, we have to find some solution where customer can interact with jewellers and jewellers also sell to the customer without having more investment.

The solution is a digital catalogue …!

The digital catalogue is the cloud based jewellery software catalogue. This e-catalogue can be open from any device and from anywhere. customer can choose the jewellery whatever they want. They can play with jewellery. They can customise the jewellery karat from 14kt to 18kt or 18kt to 22kt.

Jewellery catalogue gives freedom to the customer. So they can choose jewellery the way they want. Customer care customizes the Diamond quality and diamond colour according to their budget. In the price of the final Jewellery will be changed at the time on the screen so they can make the decision immediately.

This is the best solutions where jewellers can showcase their brand. As well as privacy also maintained. Because jewellers can assign the designs to customers whatever they want. So no need to give all the designs to the customer. Just give the limited designs access, so they can explore the designs related to their interest and make the decisions quickly.

It is more beneficial for the customer as well as jewellers. Because customers don’t want to come to showrooms and as jewellers don’t want to lose their business. So jewellery catalogue is the platform where jewellers and customers can meet at the same place and both can decide and do business.

Jewellery catalogue can be used for any business operations.

Whether you are a retailer or a wholesaler or manufacturer. it doesn’t matter you can use to e-catalogue and you can solve your purpose. if you are a wholesaler you can set your designs to particular retailers and retailer can see that only designs and they can book the order from their locations. As well as if you are a retailer, you can same assign the designs to your retail customers and retail customers can see the designs from their home or offices or wherever they are and they can book the order from the catalogue.

If you are manufacturers you can share a design with directly wholesaler or direct retailers from the e-catalogue and book the order.

It is the advanced tool where customer can book the order and immediately you will get notified by email that this is the particular order details and customer has given you the order and meanwhile customer also get the order information on their register email ID. So customers and jewellers both are on the same platform.

This platform can be used as your online showroom.

You can give your designs to your salespersons and they can directly go to customers and they can showcase to customers and book order. You can differentiate the designs according to the salespersons. So different regions of sales persons can only see their designs only. Like South, persons can see only South designs and North persons can see only North designs. after some time you can exchange the designs. All the time sales person get new designs and you continuously get the order from the salespersons.

Now all the jewellers are improving their business from e-catalogue.

According to the Gartner research, every business has improve and optimise their inventory. Because the businesses are either on hold or in the stage of the shutdown. So to prevent this type of situations you have to optimise your inventory. You have to do analytics of your previous data and your customer’s sales data. which product most you sold you have to focus on that product only and you have to improve the digital inventory instant of your real inventory.

Gartner research says, now it’s the right time to start a business on the online method. You can start with e-commerce or you can start with your digital catalogue business where you can showcase your product and you can book the order on that.

Advance received the order from the customer then only you have to deliver the goods so you don’t need to carry a huge inventory in your Store.

Take this opportunity and upgrade your business to survive in the new way of working. Come to digitally more and go more inventory less.

This digital catalogue opens a new business from all around the globe for you. Even it can work for you 24/7. While you open your Store 8 to 12 hours per day.

These upgradations take hardly one or two days. our experts will give you the readymade platform where you can change your logo. Also, our team will guide you to change the theme and the logo and you can upload your inventory with 360-degree videos and you can go live.

That’s it!

You can subscribe to this cloud based jewellery software catalogue on a monthly basis. Or you can buy the full versions.

For more details consult to our experts and be one step ahead from your competitors. 

Coronavirus Business Economic Impact

      What’s Next ?

      Coronavirus Business Economic Impact


The Coronavirus – (COVID-19) pandemic has rocked businesses worldwide, & Impact on Economy is unprecedented.

You must ready to establish your business continuity. Develop new business processes to adapt to new ways of collaborating and decision-making.

New habits and behaviors are forming that are likely to remain after the crisis has passed.


Reconfigure and prioritize products, services, and markets and establish new partnerships and ecosystems to retain new and existing customers.


Make the plan and start proactively respond rather than react. Optimize your inventory based on the Minimum Viable Product. Show product digitally and book the order based on it rather than spending money.

Reduce all your risks and survive after the pandemic has passed, At Gapn we have some unique strategies. Which will quickly and effectively help for growth and profitability?

Talk to our expert, Call on : +91-9898805289

Jewelry Stores


Jewelry Stores E-Catalog For Inventory Less Order

Jewelry business chains – no matter how small or big can now benefit from the most advanced and comprehensive software solutions. Our team of experts at Gapn has developed a ‘state-of-the-art’ solution for all the retail, manufacturing and distribution needs of the jewelry industry. Our smart solutions are based on the smart jewelry catalog. They combine the powerful features and flexibility of any device from anywhere with extensive experience of consultants and industry experts.

Complete Solution for Jewelry industry

For instance, the pricing of precious metals is a very important aspect of a jewelry retail, wholesale business. With the company software which is created using metal market independent architecture, users can evaluate jewelry inventory at any metal market.

They can also report the actual gain as well as losses at any time. Besides, each customer or vendor can have individual related rules. They need not deal with the hassles related to evaluating and defining metal hedging requirements. The benefits of this software solution include:

  • Inventory evaluation
  • Jewelry order management
  • Document management of even the most specific metal markets
  • Managing metal karat, metal color, metal net weight, metal gross weight
  • Handling Vendor and Customer design management
  • Managing Diamond Cut, Diamond Quality, Diamond Clarity, Diamond Color
  • Customized design and customized price

Jewelry businesses can now benefit from a one-stop solution for consolidating all their operations in a single system. This system is developed by our team of experts which offers users complete visibility and integration between all the processes involved in jewelry stores operation, planning and manufacturing operations. Our comprehensive solutions help you gain maximum value from all operations including retail store planning, store replenishment, jewelry purchasing and subcontracting, special orders management, repairs, employee management, POS operations, etc.

Here are some of the most important benefits which jewelry business owners can enjoy with our integrated solutions including Advanced Jewelry E-Catalog:

  • Get complete control of jewelry stores multi-location supply of components with a strong component supply process
  • Automate all phases of jewelry specific accounting including issues such as gold leasing, toll accounting, commodity inventory costing, assorted stone lot purchases with the simplified jewelry accounting process
  • Control and prioritize work orders based on actual customer requirements at any stage of production with the manufacturing control process
  • Automate all stages of jewelry distribution such as packing and tagging, EDI, integrating with transportation services and optimize mass distribution for independent customers with the integrated distribution process
  • Achieve optimal inventory management and exceptional customer service level with supply chain planning
  • Manage people related operations efficiently so that critical tasks are performed well within time with process flow management
  • Measure process performance and get a clear picture of the cost of new jewelry product development with the effective product development process

We offer cloud-based and also on-premises deployment options. Cloud hosting can be easily managed by the users with the help of Microsoft Azure™, a popular choice among 90% of the Fortune 500 companies. The users can utilize BI’s business analytic tools to gain insights across the organization and generate highly interactive reports. Our clients also benefit from complete integration solutions with Microsoft products such as Excel.

So, get in touch with our experts to get tailor-made jewelry e-catalog solutions specifically designed for all your jewelry retail, wholesale or manufacturing needs and boost the gainfulness of your business.


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