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Jewelry Stores E-Catalog For Inventory Less Order

Jewelry business chains – no matter how small or big can now benefit from the most advanced and comprehensive software solutions. Our team of experts at Gapn has developed a ‘state-of-the-art’ solution for all the retail, manufacturing and distribution needs of the jewelry industry. Our smart solutions are based on the smart jewelry catalog. They combine the powerful features and flexibility of any device from anywhere with extensive experience of consultants and industry experts.

Complete Solution for Jewelry industry

For instance, the pricing of precious metals is a very important aspect of a jewelry retail, wholesale business. With the company software which is created using metal market independent architecture, users can evaluate jewelry inventory at any metal market.

They can also report the actual gain as well as losses at any time. Besides, each customer or vendor can have individual related rules. They need not deal with the hassles related to evaluating and defining metal hedging requirements. The benefits of this software solution include:

  • Inventory evaluation
  • Jewelry order management
  • Document management of even the most specific metal markets
  • Managing metal karat, metal color, metal net weight, metal gross weight
  • Handling Vendor and Customer design management
  • Managing Diamond Cut, Diamond Quality, Diamond Clarity, Diamond Color
  • Customized design and customized price

Jewelry businesses can now benefit from a one-stop solution for consolidating all their operations in a single system. This system is developed by our team of experts which offers users complete visibility and integration between all the processes involved in jewelry stores operation, planning and manufacturing operations. Our comprehensive solutions help you gain maximum value from all operations including retail store planning, store replenishment, jewelry purchasing and subcontracting, special orders management, repairs, employee management, POS operations, etc.

Here are some of the most important benefits which jewelry business owners can enjoy with our integrated solutions including Advanced Jewelry E-Catalog:

  • Get complete control of jewelry stores multi-location supply of components with a strong component supply process
  • Automate all phases of jewelry specific accounting including issues such as gold leasing, toll accounting, commodity inventory costing, assorted stone lot purchases with the simplified jewelry accounting process
  • Control and prioritize work orders based on actual customer requirements at any stage of production with the manufacturing control process
  • Automate all stages of jewelry distribution such as packing and tagging, EDI, integrating with transportation services and optimize mass distribution for independent customers with the integrated distribution process
  • Achieve optimal inventory management and exceptional customer service level with supply chain planning
  • Manage people related operations efficiently so that critical tasks are performed well within time with process flow management
  • Measure process performance and get a clear picture of the cost of new jewelry product development with the effective product development process

We offer cloud-based and also on-premises deployment options. Cloud hosting can be easily managed by the users with the help of Microsoft Azure™, a popular choice among 90% of the Fortune 500 companies. The users can utilize BI’s business analytic tools to gain insights across the organization and generate highly interactive reports. Our clients also benefit from complete integration solutions with Microsoft products such as Excel.

So, get in touch with our experts to get tailor-made jewelry e-catalog solutions specifically designed for all your jewelry retail, wholesale or manufacturing needs and boost the gainfulness of your business.


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